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Common causes of electrical fires

According to the CFA, in Victoria there are approximately 3000 house fires each year, with many of these being caused by electrical faults of some kind. In a 2017 report by the CFA, 403 house fires were directly linked to electrical issues and these were all preventable. Power boards and double adapters have always been...
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Home workspace upgrades in Torquay and Jan Juc

Unfortunately Covid-19 is not going anywhere anytime soon and for many people working from home, it may become the norm for a long time yet. It can be a messy and awkward environment if you don’t have a designated workspace. If you, like many others I’m sure, have extension leads, extra long Ethernet cables or...
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Need electrical done around the house? We’re still working

It’s certainly an interesting time for many people and the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting people in many different ways. For many people around the Surfcoast, Geelong and the Bellarine, they are spending a lot more time at home and ticking off those jobs they’ve been meaning to do for sometime. Perhaps you have a broken...
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Home automation – cheaper and easier with Trader Powermesh

A South Australia company has entered the home automation space with a range of everyday light switches and power points with a whole lot of smarts behind them making them not just your average everyday light switch or power point. The technology behind these products allows the user to control a light or lights or...
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Smoke alarms do save lives

While it is not compulsory to have smoke alarms inside of bedrooms in Victoria, the CFA and MFB are about to undertake an awareness campaign highlighting the importance of smoke alarms in all bedrooms. The reasoning behind this is that your sense of smell diminishes while you are asleep and if a fire was to...
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Tingles from taps isn’t funny, it’s very serious

I was recently received a text message from my cousin in Lara stating that the family have been receiving electric shocks from the taps in the shower in the main bathroom. It was only after the problem was identified and resolved by the Powercor team did we realise that this had been going on for...
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Don’t be a wally, only buy approved electrical products

Everyone loves a bargain, myself included, and it’s so much easier these days to do your shopping from the comfort of your own home. But what should you be looking out for when buying electrical supplies online? Unfortunately, there are some common pitfalls to buying electrical products online. For starters, in Australia we run on...
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We are now a Beacon Lighting preferred electrician

    Beacon Lighting is Australia’s largest lighting retailer with over 100 stores nation wide and is proudly Australian owned and operated. It has become Australia’s leading specialist retailer of lighting, ceiling fans and light globes with products that incorporate both fashion and design elements as well as pursuing the latest technology for energy efficiency....
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DIY fault-finding tips

Most of us take electricity for granted. It’s not until we don’t have it, that we realise how reliant we are on it. Power outages mostly occur during a storm, maintenance by line-workers or even a car accident taking out a power pole. However there may be times when your property alone experiences a power...
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