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Home automation – cheaper and easier with Trader Powermesh

A South Australia company has entered the home automation space with a range of everyday light switches and power points with a whole lot of smarts behind them making them not just your average everyday light switch or power point.

The technology behind these products allows the user to control a light or lights or everyday household appliances through touch, from an app, by using your voice or through routines or schedules.

Honestly, using an app to turn lights or appliances on or off isn’t what I’d call home automation. It’s the brains behind these products that make it clever and different and a great way to get into home automation that anybody with a smartphone can do.

The benefit to Powermesh by Trader is that wherever you have a light switch or power point, you can swap it over, with the help of your local electrician of course, without the need for running extra cables. It is really as simple as swapping over old for new.

Some of the cool features of the double power point for example is it monitors power consumption of whatever appliance you have plugged into it. You can control either side of the power point, lock-out any or both sides of the power point so it can’t be used either for safety reasons or to stop those kids, customers, perhaps even your staff from continually charging their devices or anything else that plugs in for that matter, while you’re paying for it.

With Google Home Assistant, you can control whatever you have plugged in by simply using your voice. For example, at our home over Christmas, the kids loved saying ‘Hey Google, turn Christmas lights on’. Another great feature is you can set schedules so have appliances turn on/off and a time you desire.

The Powermesh light switches have similar capabilities. Lights can be dimmed, smoothly fade out, controlled by your voice, set schedules. The video below helps to explain the capabilities further.

So if you’ve thought about home automation but worried about cost, or wanted something a little different, then Powermesh by Trader is great place to start so give us a call for a free quote to supply and install Powermesh power point and lights switches in your home or business.



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