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Torquay LED lighting upgrade

We recently undertook a lighting upgrade in Torquay as the original lighting throughout was very dull and at night time, the house was very dark, particularly in the kitchen, dining and living areas.

The Voltex Electrical Accessories LED downlights used in this project come with a best-in-the-business 7-year warranty and are what is referred to now as tri-colour, which simply means the colour temperature of the light can be easily changed with the flick of a switch on the back of the downlight. For this project we choose ‘cool white’ which has a whiter look than the traditional ‘warm white’ from the old halogen globe days.

We also installed a new panel heater in the sun-room. This heater, operated by remote control, has three different settings, including a timer, and now allows the sun room to be used at cooler times of the year. This 2200W heater is ran off its own dedicated 15A circuit to ensure it will not overload any existing circuits and cause nuisance tripping.

Another job that was undertaken was to install a 3-in-1 bathroom heater/light/fan unit. An IXL Tastic was used to help brighten and warm up the bathroom, while helping with ventilation.

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