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Yearly Archive: 2017

fuses, circuit breakers and safety switches…what are they?

Every house and business is different. The switchboard from one premise to the next can look very different, although they are all fundamentally the same. In this blog we’ll try to explain the common parts of a typical residential switchboard so you have a basic idea of what does what, which may come in handy...
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Safety switches – what are they and why are they important?

A safety switch is a common term used to describe a Residual Current Device or RCD for short. It is called a safety switch because it is designed to reduce the risk of electric shock, electrocution to people or damage to property. This next bit is a bit dry and boring, but bear with me...
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Extension electrical services for indoor and outdoor entertaining

We just love seeing the results of our extension electrical services. Our team was excited to be involved in a home extension in Wandana Heights, covering approximately 20sq/m of indoor living, sewing rooms and outdoor entertaining area. With the Luke Davis Electrical Services team responsible for almost half the extension project, we were happy to go...
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Residential electrician’s Castlemaine home up for sale

If you want to get your hands on a top-quality home, our residential electrician recently completed the electrical installation for a stunning, modern home in Castlemaine – which is now up for sale. Think state-of-the-art lighting and power systems and cutting-edge electrical appliances. Luke Davis Electrical Services’ residential electrician completed all aspects of the electrical...
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