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Common causes of electrical fires

According to the CFA, in Victoria there are approximately 3000 house fires each year, with many of these being caused by electrical faults of some kind. In a 2017 report by the CFA, 403 house fires were directly linked to electrical issues and these were all preventable.

Power boards and double adapters have always been a cause of many of these fires, and as an electrician, I don’t like to see them in anyone’s home but let’s face it, they are handy to have, especially in kitchens and behind TV units.

Faulty appliances are also a common problem, especially if the leads are damaged or frayed in anyway so it always pays to be aware of the condition of any household appliance.

A more increasing source of house fires in recent years has been from phone and laptop changers. This risk is enhanced when second-hand or knock-off chargers are used. It’s always best to use the original changer, even if it costs a little extra to replace if lost, stolen or damaged.

Unlicensed or dodgy electrical work is another contributor to house fires. I have personally seen power points wired with tiny speaker cable, which is extremely dangerous. These situations create an electrical hazard either from an electric shock or possible fire from the cable overheating and catching fire. Electrical work is not ‘just 3 wires’. Any quality electrical knows the importance of not just ‘making it work’ but also about how to do it safely and in accordance with the many standards and regulations that govern our trade.

With many potential sources of house fires in your home, it’s most important that every home has a working smoke alarm. I have discussed the importance of these devices before in Smoke alarms do save lives.

The have published an Electrical Fact Sheet outlining some of the electrical hazards they often come across in homes throughout Victoria and have some good advice on how to keep safe.

Luke Davis Electrical Services also wants everyone to feel safe in their homes from any form of electrical hazard so contact us and we’d be happy to assist you in identifying any potential electrical hazards in your home or discuss smoke alarm installation or any other electrical services in Torquay or surrounding areas you may require.


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