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Tingles from taps isn’t funny, it’s very serious

I was recently received a text message from my cousin in Lara stating that the family have been receiving electric shocks from the taps in the shower in the main bathroom.

It was only after the problem was identified and resolved by the Powercor team did we realise that this had been going on for some time and was affecting the neighbours also but for a number of reasons hadn’t been taken any further.

Without going into detail, quite often issues like this stem from problems with the distribution network and not from the wiring in the house so your electrician may not be able to fix the problem.

If you ever receive electric shocks from any taps in your house it is very important to call Powercor (for Geelong, Surfcoast and Bellarine residents) urgently and report that you or any other resident has received a shock from the taps in the house.

Powercor takes these matters extremely seriously and will send someone out there as soon as possible to investigate the situation.

So if this ever happens to you, please follow these steps:

  1. Do not touch any taps or any metallic appliances
  2. Turn the main switch off in the switchboard but only if it is not going to impact any important or essential service
  3. Call Powercor on 13 24 12 and report the incident to them
  4. Wait until the Powercor representative arrives and remember to not touch anything metallic while waiting, including appliances until advised it is safe to do so

Luckily for my cousin it was only 12 volts, not enough to cause any harm but had the situation on the distribution network been left to deteriorate any further this situation could have been a whole lot worse than a small tingle.

If you are ever in doubt as to what to do is this situation, please call us immediately and we can talk you through it.


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