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LED downlights for your home – Torquay and Jan Juc

Like so many people at the moment working from home, you could be using more electricity than before. In Torquay and Jan Juc we have homes varying in age, and lighting types, many of which are very inefficient.

LED downlights have come along way over the years and are a great way to brighten the home while cutting down on electricity consumption as they typically use up to 80% less power than an older style halogen downlights. LED lighting upgrades is just one of a number of general electrical services we provide across the Surfcoast, Geelong and the Bellarine.

One of the many benefits of many new LED downlights is they have the added benefit of being able to be covered with insulation so there are less areas for warm air to escape during the colder months. So not only are they cheaper to run, they help to save you money in other ways too.

Most also come with great warranties, some from 12 months, but many suppliers now offer a 5-year, or some even offer a 7-year warranty.

As a Beacon Lighting preferred electrician, we can work with you to find a LED downlight that suits your style and budget, and as a customer of Luke Davis Electrical Services, you can receive up to 20% off RRP of everything in store at Beacon Lighting.

We do offer LED downlights to suit a variety of budgets from other suppliers so if budget is a concern, we can work with you to find something to suit.

So if you’re looking at upgrading your lighting, contact us today.


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