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Track lighting spruces up Highton home

Track lighting has been around for some time and, from my own experience, more commonly used in shops and retail outlets to highlight displays, racks, shelves or anything else they would like to draw your attention to. It certainly is not something you will see in too many homes, especially newer homes, around Geelong, the Surfcoast or the Bellarine

A project that we have recently untaken in Highton was replacing some really old fashioned and out-dated lighting with some track lights that had been purchased some time ago by the customer from Beacon Lighting. Admittedly, at first, we weren’t sure how it was going to look, however after seeing how much brighter the kitchen and living room areas with track lighting installed we were very impressed, more-so considering the cathedral ceilings, but perhaps that is where it comes into its own.

One of the impressive features of track lighting is its versatility. There are any number of design options available from the length, angles, the type of light fitting, and probably the greatest feature is that anyone can adjust or move the position of each light at any time to anywhere along the track.

I was so impressed with the style, ease and functionality of track lighting after this project that I have convinced my wife to install it in our house, which is currently under construction.

If you too are currently building, intending to build, planning a renovation or extension or simply want to change what you now have, we are happy to help with your electrical design.



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