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Inverleigh pergola now with power

A family in Inverleigh have built a pergola next to their house with views over their property and wanted to get power there for a couple of ceiling fans, power points and even a TV point.

Installing fans and power points is something we do a lot at Luke Davis Electrical Services so we were only too happy to help.

The job involved running a new dedicated circuit from the switchboard inside the house to the pergola a few meters away. This meant a 600mm deep trench was required. We then installed orange or heavy duty conduit in the trench with the new circuit running through that.

The depth of the trench is important. Initially the owner had dug the trench and ran grey or medium duty conduit for us but it was only approximately 200mm deep. His intentions were good, he simply didn’t realise just how deep it needed to be or what the correct conduit to use was so he kindly dug us a new trench before we arrived. Although the customer was disappointed the original trench and conduit couldn’t be used, when explained to him he completely understood that it didn’t meet AS:NZS3000 (Wiring Rules) requirements which is just one of the many Australian Standards electricians have to work to.

Once we had the cable at the pergola it was just a matter or putting in a few power points for a TV, bar fridge and in a couple of other spots and wiring up a light switch with a couple of ceiling fans specially designed for outdoor areas. We also ran some TV cable over to the pergola from the house so added in a TV point with a booster while we were going.

It’s fair to say that this family will now be spending as much time as possible outside enjoying their wonderful property while still enjoying some of the comforts you get from inside the home.

Although it may not look or sound like a lot, areas like these, sheds and garages can be time consuming. Also as peoples needs vary from one job to the next there is no single idea or solution that works for all scenarios. So whether you’re in Inverleigh, Torquay or anywhere else around Geelong, the Surfcoast or Bellarine and you’re looking to power or light up an outdoor living area, shed or garage, pleaseĀ contact us to discuss what options you have an for a free quote.


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